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Abria Smith is a Boston based community engagement professional. She has worked for over 17 years as an actor, musician, and writer. Smith attended Berklee College of Music where she earned a degree in Music Business/Management and Cambridge College where she earned a Master’s in Psychology. 

Currently the Associate Director for Community Engagement at Berklee College of Music, Smith has spent her 16 years at the college working with programs that empower communities through the sharing of institutional resources. Her office is responsible for establishing and developing positive relationships between the college and outside agencies that support the college in its commitment to the cultural, artistic, and educational development of the Boston-area and benefit both college constituencies (students, faculty, and staff) and partner-organizations in the municipal, for-profit, and non-profit sectors.

Smith’s professional life is driven by her desire to serve and to express herself. She regularly performs community service both at work and personally, serving on Berklee’s Gracenotes Faculty and Staff Volunteer Committee, and as a volunteer leader for Girl Scouts. Her signature statement, “When I cease to create, I cease to exist,” sums up the importance of the arts in her life.