The following are local artists looking to showcase and share their creativity with the community.  

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Castle of our Skins

Born out of the desire to foster cultural curiosity, "Castle of our Skins" celebrates Black artistry through music. From classrooms to concert halls, "Castle of our Skins" invites exploration into Black heritage and culture, spotlighting both unsung and celebrated figures of past and present.



Mwalim *7), a.k.a. 'DaPhunkeeProfessor' is a multidisciplinary, master artist and teacher. As a musician, singer, songwriter, arranger and producer.


Hamstank is a collaborative music producer working with others to build rich, sonic experiences. His biggest influences are walking chunks of carbon, oxygen, water, and the sun. Hamstank sounds like if you combined early 2000s Emo with the Prince of Egypt Soundtrack, poured that sludge into a saucepan, let it simmer with Ben Gibbard’s tears, threw it all in a dumpster (saucepan and everything), and then watched the raccoons eat it.

D.iRvin Photography

D. iRvin is a artist whose photography resides in a world of imagination, vibrant colors, texture, and lines.

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Gary Rickson

Gary Rickson pioneers the Black Arts Movement by painting murals that exemplify the community and amplify solidarity. His works often stand as educational pieces for black history and culture. 


The GroovaLottos

The GROOVALOTTOS are a powerhouse soul-funk-blues trio, comprised of award-winning and seasoned studio and touring musicians, incredible music and wild senses of humor make them one of the most entertaining bands in New England. The GROOVALOTTOS are Comprised of Eddie Ray Johnson, drums and vocals; Mwalim “Daphunkee Professor”, keyboards and vocals; and a bass player.


OOMPA is  an artist from Roxbury, always representing the hood, queer, black, orphan, auntie, sister, friends an’em. She has a soft spot for lyricism and storytelling.  Her art pulls from stories in her life that depict the interplay of her many identities and the struggle to make meaning of them all. Oompa is heavily inspired by sounds ranging from Motown to Kendrick Lamar. The way that R&B and Hip-Hop play together in her poetry and music leave no room to second-guess how true to being a 90s baby she is.

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Alex Cook

Alex Cook is a multi-disciplinary artist who has created over 110 murals in the US and abroad. In 2014 he created the YOU ARE LOVED mural project, collaborating with organizations of all types to artfully express that important message. He has written and recorded 6  albums of original songs and performs around the US. Alex is available to paint murals, create works of art, and speak to your school or organization about community building through art and/or the YOU ARE LOVED mural project. 

Forte "Pops"

Born in the city of Boston and raised in the city of Somerville, Forté A.K.A. Pops knew that music was something that he would never leave alone. Growing up in a church-going Haitian household, Forte was forced to join the church choir which later served as a solid foundation for singing vocals. Adolescence frequently introduced young Forté to the triumphs and short comings of life in the streets and at home which make for an eclectic mix of perspective and versatile musical style.

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Cliff Notez

Producer of poetry, film, music and photographs. 

Daniel Callahan

Daniel Callahan is a transmedia artist and designer living in Roxbury MA.  His work merges various disciplines including but not limited to music, video, painting, drawing, collage, animation, photography, and performance to create immersive experiences that aim to reveal the inner humanity that link us to each other and to our world at large.