Mission Statement

This project seeks to establish a Massachusetts Cultural District in the area around Dudley and John Eliot Squares to celebrate the rich cultural history and traditions in our community.  

We seek to increase community capacity in arts and cultural planning; to tie this work to major public and private investments;  to collaboratively brand and coordinate programming in order to build a vibrant mixed-use district that celebrates Roxbury’s rich and diverse culture (both its rich African American culture, but also its growing diversity including Caribbean, Africa, Central America, and South America); and to attract visitors to this distinct area of Boston, thereby increasing economic activity, livability, and opportunity for residents. 

These goals will be tailored to meet the unique history and conditions of the community, including the preservation and amplification of the neighborhood’s rich African-American and immigrant culture, both past and present, and capacity building for coordinated public programming and cultural planning. This strategy connects arts and culture to large-scale projects and ongoing community planning to better ensure that the distinct history and culture of Roxbury informs physical development and economic development strategy. 

As we engage in this process, community input is of the utmost importance and so we welcome your thoughts and ideas on how to best address your needs, desires and benefits.  Please join our mailing list and reach out to us at DECDinfo@gmail.com.



Please feel free to contact us with new ideas or partnership opportunities.