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  • 12 Dade Street
  • Boston, MA, 02119
  • United States

You ever been to a poetry slam? Word.
Rap slam? Naaaah? Aight. Read on

Basically, I've been wondering what it would be like to mix the competitiveness and structure of poetry slam with rap/hip-hop music so... If you're into competiting and think you have songs that are strong enough to give people what they want you should sign up for the rap slam. Here's how it'll go down:

Structure of the night: Rap Slam|Feature|Open Mic

Doors open at 6:30. You can sign up on the open mic or the slam.
7:15: Slam Starts. 8 People will compete in round 1. 4 minute limit. Time point penalty. Judges will score each song. 4 people move on to round 2. 2 people move on to the final round. Last person standing will be our first rap slam champion.

Then you will hear from Lik Meraki for a 20-30 minute feature set. Put your seatbelt on; the homie is sumn else.

Afterwards, you will have an open mic. This is for people who signed up but don't want to compete. They will also have 4 minutes to do their thing.

Please bring something ready for an aux cable. No USBS or asking us to check youtube songs. Come ready.