• Bruce C. Bolling Building (map)
  • 2300 Washington Street
  • Boston, MA, 02119
  • United States

Tabu Flo will be debuting their newest dance composition "The Speech".

Although most of us are born with the desire and ability to express thoughts, not everyone who gets a chance to speak to an audience necessarily says what they really mean, and some never get to speak at all.

Speeches have the power to move us - often to greatness, challenging our very essence. History is full of such powerful speeches. Every speech aims to hit that target. However, more often than not, speeches miss the point or belabor it. We love to hear some people‚Äôs speeches and dread others.

This dance piece questions the notion that the people who represent us at all levels have any idea of who we are and what our thoughts are. And what happens in a system where some people's voices will never be heard?

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We hope you can make it!

Artistic Director Abdul Kinyenya