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  • 18 Palmer Street
  • Boston, MA, 02119
  • United States

The Plugs Present
"Reclaiming the Durag//Celebrating Hair Protection and Our Style"
August 18, 2017

Inner Sanctum Boston

Creative Networking/Interactive Art Gallery

$20.00 General Admission
Must wear Headgear, No smoking!

(inquire about special ticket offer)

$40.00 Art Plug supporters or those who cannot wear their heads covered for the event. This ticket also grants you access to areas others will not be allowed to go and you will be taken care of as our appreciation to you.

Head wrapping tutorials, hair products, shared stories of hair history and journey, various ways to cover your head and protect your hair!

Art Plug is a creative networking event for artistic entrepreneurs and hustlers who know how to make money with their own minds and creativity. This event supports art, growth, free expression, collaboration, respect, and many other things.

This time we are going to celebrate ourselves and basically give one anohter a pat on the back for just being who you are. Having the most awesome style patterns and the way we dress ourselves up is mocked but never is it duplicated.

Over the years we have had so many struggles and stages in the history of hair. There was a time where we were ashamed of our hair and wanted to change its texture. We destroyed some of the roots we were attached to by being afraid to simply be.

Being grateful for the trend encouraging natural hair, skin, nails and other things we are able to celebrate self now. Commend one another for being the vessels of todays fashion. Sadly, there is no dollar amount we could ever put on the value of our ideas and the innovations. But we can celebrate, uplift, and collaboate to continue to show this world we are here and it is US who holds the answers and every single damn key no matter what doors are falsly being built in front of us.

To celebrate we will have live performances by:

Kado Barlatier
Marlyn Jean
SOS: sharingourstories
Radical Black Girl and more!

There will be two live fashion showcases by Freakz On FLY better known as JET FLEE and ARI SERRANO hailing from CT. Make-up by FACES BY YAZ Hair by JAZMIN CARVALHO JAMA

We will have an interactive Art Gallery featuring an out of state artist named Ortie, a few Art Plug Alumni; Retro, Indigo, Mosheh, Soraia, and more!

JET FLEE will also be hosting a wave contest so if you think you have what it takes to win send us your best waves! The winner will receive bragging rights, a new wave cap/brush, and a photoshoot with us!

This event has NO RE-ENTRY
Please buy your tickets in advance to secure your spot.