• Hibernian Hall (map)
  • 184 Dudley Street
  • Boston, MA, 02119
  • United States

Neo-Vaudevillian "play within a play" pokes at racism, classism and the search for love.

Written & composed by Allyssa Jones
Directed by Juanita Rodrigues

Curtain rises on a musical theatre troupe poised to make their big break. Cast as puppets, the players move effortlessly on their strings when the curtain rises-- and struggle against them as the curtain falls.

Set in Vaudeville style, The Puppet Show toggles between ragtime and pop, burlesque and street dance, patter and spoken word. Projection and movement suggest puppet strings with a clear onstage/backstage contrast that smudges into an unsettling blend of realities.

The Puppets are people we know and, perhaps, are. As their stories unfold, ask yourself, "Who are the puppets? What is the show?" For cast info, rehearsal blog and more, visit The Puppet Show website at thepuppetshow.msjonesmusic.com.

Presented in partnership with 3050 Music Group and Hibernian Hall/Madison Park Development Corporation. Made possible with support from the Boston Foundation's Live Arts Boston grant program. Music education outreach sponsored by Quaver Foundation for the Advancement of Music Education (QFAME). Additional support provided by The Puffin Foundation, The Lyric Stage Company of Boston, and 4 Star Dance Studio.