Myra Kraft Open Classroom: Boston in 2030

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Topic: "Boston Creates Implementation"
When: Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Time: 6 - 8 PM
Where: West Village F, Room 20 (Click HERE for directions)
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Boston is a city alive with creativity and innovation. Boston Creates and the Imagine Boston 2030 plan assert that “the essential contributions of artists must be recognized with concrete, meaningful forms of support and assistance.” How can the city government assume a central role in identifying new resources and forging partnerships that bring together diverse city residents as arts makers and arts lovers?

Cultural and arts communities are often at the cutting edge of urban development, as they transform neighborhoods in preparation for job-generating business incubation and high end residential development. Can the “urban frontier” status of artists in live/work spaces be protected in ways that don’t gentrify them out of the neighborhoods they are transforming? How can regional strategies help address this need?

Culture is intrinsic to how communities identify themselves. Yet demographic diversity in the leadership of Boston’s cultural institutions has yet to be achieved. How can public sector planning influence the leadership patterns of our private nonprofit cultural institutions?

Come and join a lively discussion of how Boston envisions a transformed cultural environment.