• Dudley Cafe (map)
  • 15 Warren Street
  • Boston, MA, 02119
  • United States

Albrey Brown is a community oriented educator interested in distributing equitable opportunities and building inclusive spaces to the those who are identified as underrepresented in tech. In 2015 Albrey founded Telegraph Academy, the first boot camp specifically geared toward people of color. Through that experience, he learned the value of raising capital, building an organization, and ultimately how to get acquired by larger organizations. Currently serving as Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Hack Reactor, his diversity and inclusion philosophy relies on a combination of data and empathy driven practices. Albrey believes that strong organizations are the best at hiring, developing, talent from all walks of life and hopes to help build a framework Silicon Valley can use to do that.

You can follow Brown on Twitter @albreybrown

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