Artist & designer Shantell Martin will speak in Northeastern’s Studio Theatre at 4:00pm on Jan 10, 2018. Following her talk, Gallery 360 will host the Opening Reception of Shantell Martin’s new exhibition.

Both the Studio Theatre and Gallery 360 are located in Northeastern's Curry Student Center, 360 Huntington Ave. FREE AND OPEN TO ALL.

Shantell Martin is an artist who’s work exists outside the gallery setting in a self-made space between street art, graphic design, entrepreneurship, technology and performance art. Exploring themes of identity and experience, Martin has become a global influencer of culture and some of her recent projects include collaborating with musician Kendrick Lamar, developing an augmented reality drawing app with ARCore and launchingdrip, a new tool for creators by Kickstarter.

Shantell Martin has more than 130,000 Instagram followers, and she often uses the hashtag #AREYOUYOU as a reminder to her followers to be themselves. Martin, whom herself had a troubled childhood growing up biracial in East London, in a predominantly white, working-class area. Drawing was something she initially did as an escape, but it now is her tool to connect with and empower others as they explore their own identities. More: