Saturday, August 4 - 12:00 PM - 4 PM

10 Putnam Street, Roxbury

A part of Highland Park Music Festival Series:

Join us this Saturday, August 4th for a relaxing meet-up style picnic in Highland Park's John Eliot Square! 


Beats, Picnic and Chill with us and listen to your favorites artists like Nina Simone, Arrested Development, Soul to Soul, Eric B and Rakim, John Coltrane, Music Soul Child, Fela Kuti, A Tribe Called Quest, Prince, Jungle Brothers, Black Coffee, Stevie Wonder, Gangstar, Loose Ends, and much, much more! 

Bring your own eats, drinks and snacks!

This event is a part of the Highland Park Music Festival.

We also encourage you to attend Jazz at the Fort from 5pm-8pm on Sunday, August 5th at the Stand pipe on top of the Hill. (more information at

A VIBE CALLED QUEST is Free to all and will not have a rain date!

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