Friday, September 7 | 7 PM to 10 PM, Haley House, 12 Dade Street, Roxbury, MA

Join us for an open mic night (hosted by Meta Art) on the state of Urban Public Education. Jonathan Kozol's works on public education will be featured. We encourage you to share your opinions, experiences and solutions on the state of public education in Boston and across the country. 

All ages are invited to attend this free event. Frugal Bookstore Inc. will be in attendance selling books on the topic of Public Education. Food & drink will be available for purchase!

////////////About Meta Art//////////////

Meta Art is a multimedia art company founded by Carmen who specializes in fine art and theatrical arts. Her background in Education, English Literature and Art Therapy has influenced her to express herself as fully as possible through creating art that reflects her culture and interests. She has hosted a number of open mic nights honoring African American Authors and facilitating discussions about the issues that affect the Urban community at Haley House Café and Bakery in Roxbury, MA.

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