Roxbury Cultural District launch event

The Roxbury Cultural District community launch event, originally scheduled for November 4, is postponed until Spring 2018. We are excited by the broad community support for the event from artists, business owners, and residents and will be in touch soon with the new date so you can mark your calendar!

By postponing the event until the spring, the Roxbury Cultural District will be able to incorporate outdoor activities into the plan and thereby expand the number of artists that can be involved. This will also give the district a bit more time to establish our governance team and continue to raise funds and prepare for the event.

We are grateful to all involved parties especially Catherine Morris from Bamsfest and Roxbury artists and food businesses. Watch for more news about the Roxbury Cultural District—and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and email with any questions and your Roxbury-based arts and culture events for the website!